Our approach

What is our home-educating approach?

We initially started out with the National Curriculum in addition to online home-schooling resources.  Then, we veered off a bit into the CM approach and used most of the suggested curricula but over time we have incorporated and moved on to other material.  Presently, our home ‘curriculum’ includes a bit of Charlotte Mason (as regards Character Training and Nature Studies), some of the Classical Christian Educational method (History, Writing Skills, Science, Geography) and other resources that have either been recommended to us or that I have found whiles doing online searches.  I think after searching for years for the best home-schooling material and trying different methods and approaches for our home-learning we have finally found what suits our household and are finally content with our choices.

Education is a life-style.  It’s a living, a way of life, that slots nicely into our human, Christian and church life.  It is not something that is separate to our day-to-day living; it’s simply another sequence in our daily living.  To see this is vital as it draws a clear line between education being a way of (life-long) learning as opposed to education becoming a system of schooling.

Join us on our home-educating journey as we keep you posted.

Judith aka AB et al

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