Why home-educate?

We home-educate because we can.  It is our legal right.

We home-educate because we want our children to learn, to love to learn, and to embrace learning every day of their lives, whether at home or outside the home.  Learning is a life-long journey; one never stops learning.

We home-educate because we want our children to have the freedom to be exposed to rich and diverse reading material, and with the approach that we are taking, the universe is the limit.  Check out our resources page above, where I have listed some of the material we are using as well as websites that we have used and continue to use.

And perhaps above all else, like, Logan, the young boy in the video below, we home-educate because more than anything else we want our children to be happy, now and always.

Education is a life-style.  It’s a living, a way of life, that slots nicely into our human, Christian and church life.  It is not something that is separate to our day-to-day living; it’s simply another sequence in our daily living.  To see this is vital as it draws a clear line between education being a way of (life-long) learning as opposed to education becoming a system of schooling.

I would love to hear from you.  What are your thoughts about education and/or learning? What new thing(s) have you learnt today?  Do share.

Judith 😉

4 Responses to Why home-educate?

  1. Megan says:

    Logan is my new hero! What an inspirational young man. I pulled my son out of mainstream at 8.5 years old. He wasn’t coping, he had major learning disorders, he was being bullied, and he was constantly being suspended for beating up the bullies. He is now distance educated at home so we have much more flexibility. His education is targeted towards his capabilities. It also means we can shake things up. Work around his abilities and not his disabilities. Thank you for sharing this video of this amazing young man.

    • admin says:

      Hi Megan,

      thanks for commenting and for briefly opening up about your personal experience.  I am so sorry that your son went through so many challenges at school.  That’s the ironic thing, I find.  Parents send their kids to school to learn, but it’s all the other things (bullying, peer pressure, conformity to the mould, etc) that can make school a very negative experience for some kids.  

      I really connected with your statement about “his education is targeted towards his capabilities.”  And, that’s what I love about home-education, that it’s so organic and not a one-size-fit-all-education.  I home-educate my middle child, whose style of learning would make being educated at school a real challenge for her.  I know my child. I know her abilities and capabilities. I know her strengths and weaknesses.  I know her capacity, especially her capacity for how much information she can absorb at any given time.  I know when I can push her just that one step further, and I also know when she can’t take in any further information and starts to zone out.  I KNOW MY CHILD, therefore, entrusting her education into the care of others who DON’T KNOW HER defeats the whole purpose of learning, in my opinion.  I don’t need my child to go to school and come home with comments such as “she’s too slow”, or “she’s below average in this or that”, or “she’s inattentive”, or “she’s too fidgety in class”, etc, which are all too common statements nowadays to describe children, who are then quickly ‘diagnosed’ as having ADHD!  Ok, I better reign myself in, otherwise I will go on and on and on LOL.

      I really do appreciate your comment.  Thank you!

      Best wishes,


  2. Alice says:

    Home education is an approach that a lot of parents today choose for their kids. Although I am not totally opposed to sending our kids to school because I myself had a formal education, I believe parents have the right to choose how they want their kids to get their education.

    Education always starts at home and education is a lifestyle, a continuous journey. Sending our kids to school could be a great training ground for them but I understand why some parents choose not to.

    You’re a Christian, right? I think one of the primary reasons also why Christian parents choose to give home education to their kids is that they worry that after just one semester in school, their kids will turn away from their faith and become atheists.

    I’ve heard and read a lot of kids who grew up in church and brought up in the Christian faith started to doubt if Christianity were true or whether God exists. But if parents will teach their kids well and equip them to confidently defend their faith, they’ll be able to stand up to anyone who tries to plant doubts into their heads.

    By the way, I checked out your resource corner and I think they have a great selection of diverse study materials.

    • admin says:

      Hi Alice,

      thanks for stopping by to comment on my page! 🙂  I like what you said about parents having the right to choose how they want their children to be educated.  I think this is a fundamental right every parent should have, worldwide, but unfortunately, this is a right denied parents in some countries.

      For us, the main reason why we home-educate is not primarily based on our personal beliefs, as two out of three of our children go to school, but really because we love how organic and living home-education is, and that it’s not a one-size fit all, as mainstream schooling tends to be.  Our two oldest were home-schooled all their lives until recently when they both tried school, with our oldest loving it, being such a structured learner, and our second oldest disliking it as her learning style is totally different from that of her older sibling and being in the school environment would actually kill her love for learning.   I am thankful that where we are home-education is a choice we have and I can be involved in and with my child’s learning, especially as I love learning alongside her 😉

      Best wishes,


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