Why home-educate?

We home-educate because we can.  It is our legal right.

We home-educate because we want our children to learn in a stress-free environment, where there is no pressure to learn a given subject matter within a given time-frame.  Children under stress do not learn; they perform at best, and at worst, they exhibit behaviour not at all conducive to the whole process of learning.  We want our children to enjoy learning and not be pressured to learn what is demanded of them just so that some boxes can be ticked and targets met.

We home-educate because we want our children to have the freedom to be exposed to rich and diverse reading material, and with the approach that we are taking, the universe is the limit.  Check out our resources page above, where I have listed most of the material we are using as well as websites that we have used and continue to use.

And perhaps above all else, like, Logan, the young boy in the video below, we home-educate because more than anything else we want our children to be happy, now and always.

Education is a life-style.  It’s a living, a way of life, that slots nicely into our human, Christian and church life.  It is not something that is separate to our day-to-day living; it’s simply another sequence in our daily living.  To see this is vital as it draws a clear line between education being a way of (life-long) learning as opposed to education becoming a system of schooling.

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