One Phone Call Turned Our World Upside Down

So, yet, again a long lull …sigh.  When will I ever be consistent in blogging?  Or will I ever be consistent in posting on here? 😉  That is the question!

Anyhow, this time the lull was caused by one phone call that we received towards the end of January that upended our lives – literally.

One minute we were quietly and unobtrusively cruising through life, well, sort of, and the next we were completely shocked and taken aback with, and frazzled by the sudden if not totally unexpected news about leaving the UK.

You see, over the years, we had spoken about and considered moving to the US, but we (Mark and I) had never really put that thought into any kind of motion, but with Mark’s declining health over the last 3-4 years, and with life becoming increasingly difficult as a result of that, the thought to move became a pressing need.  It simultaneously appealed and repelled each member of our family (minus Tirzah, who with her special needs is totally clueless to the runnings of life with all of its ups and downs, lucky her).  We kind of wanted to move, and ….we kind of didn’t want to move.  We loved living in Sheffield, loved our home, liked our neighbourhood – we just didn’t like how increasingly pressing (in so many different ways) our life was becoming.  So, although the phone call wasn’t totally unexpected it was rather sudden because, you see, only 3 days prior to that phone call we, Mark and I, had been in a Skype call with Mark’s parents discussing a potential move to the US, and the plan was that we would move in the summer of 2017.  We certainly didn’t expect Dad to call 3 days after our Skype conference call and tell us that he’d found a house, and that we should pack up our stuff and move.  Yeah, like moving from the UK to the US was that simple!  So, I repeat, that call upended our lives – literally.

Everything Came to a Standstill

Everything came to a standstill – literally.   I quit going to the gym (and regret that I did), homeschooling went a bit down the drain, well, more than a bit, and all other activities were shoved to the side because suddenly we were faced with the humongous task of preparing for a move to the US.  Mark’s dad’s thought was that we would move towards the end of February.  I couldn’t see that happening.  Notwithstanding the fact that it was just too soon, we had certain commitments that we couldn’t just cancel at such short notice, so many people to notify of our impending move – friends, our landlord, our bank, etc.  We decided mid-April would be a good time to depart, after an annual international conference in London that we have attended over the years and where we would have the opportunity to say bye-bye to so many dear friends of ours.  Once we had decided on our UK departure date, and our last day in Sheffield, we began the enormous task of emptying out our house, and as you can well imagine, or not, that was no small feat.  Looking back I really don’t know how we managed to meet our deadline of being out of our house, leaving Sheffield and finally leaving the UK, but we made it.  I won’t go into all the details of the actual move except to say that it took a lot of time to get rid of stuff most of which we simply gave away to charity shops, others we Freecycled or Freegled, or gave to friends, and yet others we sold on eBay and Facebook.  It was laborious work, I can tell you.  It made me want to choose a simpler life and to not accumulate so much stuff – easier said than done, though!

Sad to Leave

On some level we (perhaps excluding Tirzah) were all sad to leave.  I know both Kezia and Azkarah were.  Kezia took the news of our move the hardest.  She didn’t want to move, understandably.  She had joined the Sea Cadets in the past year and loved going to the bi-weekly sessions.  She had just passed out as a Marine after being a Cadet for several months, and had been looking forward to participating in some Marine activities.  My heart broke for my dear daughter, knowing that she was hurting and hating this impending move and, yet, I didn’t have any words of consolation for her that I felt could adequately penetrate her being and comfort her heart.

Likewise with Azkarah, who was fine with our plan to move, perhaps not realising what things she would be giving up.  It didn’t hit home to her until after her last home-ed Drama club session.  She and her Drama club friends would often go to a park close by after their Drama session to hang out together, and just like other days they headed out to the park, and I went along for the first and last time.  We had spent our last night in Sheffield with a dear home-ed family we had gotten to know intimately in the past year.  The mother had become a very dear friend to me, and her older daughter had become firm friends with Azkarah.

As it was nearing time to leave for the train station to catch our train to Nottingham, where we would be joining the rest of the family, Azkarah suddenly broke down in tears and a few of her home-ed friends joined ranks with her in crying, and soon after the adults began to shed a tear or two.  It was finally hitting home to Azkarah that she was indeed leaving the UK, and suddenly the move didn’t appear as exciting as she had previously thought, not when it meant cutting ties with her UK friends.  My heart broke some more ;(

Surely, as a mother, I should be able to comfort my daughters, right?  Well, I think I was in shock and numb, and more than likely on autopilot, outwardly going through the motions of getting ourselves ready for our move, but inwardly quite detached from it all.  Does that make sense?  It didn’t quite hit that we were moving until we actually arrived in the US, and even then it took about a week or two after our arrival for it all to sink in.

Now we are adjusting to our new life here in the US, and there is so much more to share.  Will I ever run out of stuff to share?

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