Organic Homeschooling – Being Flexible

It’s Monday morning….the first day of another home-school week. As I type away, my oldest is watching Nature’s Great Events.  After working on her Maths this morning and completing an entire chapter, Kezia expressed reluctance in going on to the next subject – Grammar followed by Poetry and Art.  My girl asked if she could take a break from Grammar for a week.  A week?!?!  I thought perhaps a day or two but a week?!  This becomes a test for me when there is a change to our routine.  Yes, I honestly admit that I’m not quite at the point of being flexible enough to make what I consider too many adjustments to what I think is already a flexible routine. Haha!  I realise that there is still too much of ‘school’ or the ‘system of school’ in my being, which every now and then rears up its head in protest to even more changes to our already flexible routine but then my inner rumblings and mumblings are stopped with the reminder that learning isn’t about always sitting down and studiously reading through a chapter on a particular topic.  I look at my daughter’s face and see a yearning within her, a yearning prompted by nostalgic feelings, to return to a time when watching nature documentaries was once her favourite pastime and passion, and I have a moment to decide on my response to this longing:  foster this very rare moment of my daughter’s initiative to revisit a favourite pastime and learn afresh in the process or stick to my routine of what I like our Mondays to look like.  A test.  A moment to make or break.

I choose the organic option.  I say, “What nature programme would you like to watch?”  She runs upstairs to her bedroom and returns with DVD sets of David Attenborough, whiles I log unto my Amazon account and browse nature documentaries.  I find quite a few of interest for our family documentary night for a later date and suggest a couple for viewing this morning but Kezia has set her heart on Nature’s Great Events.   I acquiesce and let my daughter choose what she wants to watch. She’s happy and having been flexible, I’m content 😉  Really, I am, believe me.  This is the joy of home-educating.  A constant reminder that it’s not just about getting ‘work’ done but about the joy of learning, by whichever means.

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