About Us

We are a family of five (5) – 2 adults and 3 children – Mark, Judith, Kezia (13), Azkarah (9) and Tirzah(6) and we live in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England.

Up until June 2012, I had struggled with our approach to home-educating (homeschooling, U.S).  I had veered off the beaten-track of the National Curriculum and slipped into a semi-structured and semi-autonomous approach, neither of which appealed to me at the time, particularly owing to the educational materials we had on hand or the lack thereof of what I deemed to be good, inspiring, quality educational material.

Prior to our move to Sheffield in May 2011, I mainly used books that did follow the National Curriculum, as I couldn’t find anything else that appealed to us.  Basically, we made do with what we found and what was on offer at the time. 

After several years of trying different methods and learning approaches, we have finally settled into a routine that suits us and our household, building up our home-learning resources over time.  I would say we use a blend of educational resources that doesn’t follow any one particular curriculum.  A bit of the National Curriculum, some Charlotte Mason books, some Classical Christian resources, English-authored (as in written and published in England) books as well as American-authored books, home-schooling or otherwise recommended resources.  Our Resource Corner, although not comprehensive, shows the variety of the list of books that we own and use on a regular basis.
We also use several online resources such as CurrClick, Gamed Academy, Khan Academy, YouTube and italki for online learning.  

I started this blog in an attempt to share about our home-schooling journey and, as much as possible, to share daily happenings so as not to lose precious moments that otherwise are lost down memory lane.

May the Lord bless what He initiated in our being in the decision to home-educate and may these young ones that He entrusted into our care be “useful to the Master, prepared unto every good work” – 2 Timothy 2:21


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