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Who Are We

We are a family of five, who home-educated 2 of our children when we lived in England.  We moved to the US in the spring of 2017, and continued on with our home-educating journey with one of our children while our oldest opted to attend traditional schooling for the school year of 2017-2018.

All of our children will be attending traditional schooling for the upcoming school year of the 2018-2019, however, we do not in any way think or believe that attending school puts an end to learning outside of the school environment, if anything if you read my post here you will see that as far as our family is concerned, learning is more than learning facts within a given subject matter, ticking off all of the boxes to prove that something has been learned; rather, it is a lifestyle, indeed a journey that lasts one’s entire lifetime.

Why This Blog

What started out as a blog to chronicle our homeschooling life journey sharing, primarily, with family and close friends, is evolving into something more than I could have possibly envisaged back in 2012 when I started this blog.  In the 6 years since I began to blog so much has happened that has made me realise that the title of my blog, ‘Education is a Lifestyle‘ is all-encompassing and aptly fits all aspects of our life as well as the life changes we have been experiencing over the years, and continue to experience day by day.  So, as much as I will endeavour to continue to share about our home-schooling journey, this is no longer going to be the focal point of this website.

Education Is A Lifestyle

In trying to find a quote that fit in with the title of my blog, I found one by John Dewey, an American philosopher and educator, that I feel really drives home to me what education isn’t and what it really is – “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” This is really how our family views education. Learning, educating and being educated is not a system of learning. Schooling, going to school to learn has become a system which inevitably, unfortunately, kills the love for learning for some children. The system of schooling today is, predominantly, all about meeting targets, teaching to tests, ticking boxes, etc, and does not always allow for child-led creative and imaginative learning, unfortunately.

Having brought up our kids to love learning, and as we continue to foster a love for learning in our home, we are hopeful that our children, whether home-educated or at school, would never stop learning.  As they grow and mature in life, our hope is that above all else our children would grow up to be happy people always broadening their horizons of personal accomplishments, and ever aspiring to foster in themselves a love for learning at all times.

I’d like to end with this inspiring and encouraging TED-talk given a few years ago by Logan, a young teen, and still ever applicable to our young generation of learners.

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2 Responses to About Us

  1. Netta says:

    Hey Judith:

    Thanks for sharing your family’s story. Fostering and nurturing the love for learning is so very important, I think. More than piling up the facts, enjoying the process of unraveling great puzzles is such an awesome skill-set to help your children develop.

    It sounds like it has been an interesting journey for all of you.

    • admin says:

      Hi Netta,

      thanks for your comment.  I love the words you mentioned, ‘fostering’ and ‘nurturing’.  Yes, that’s what we are endeavouring to do day by day.  
      It has been and continues to be an interesting journey for all of us 😉


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