A Glorious Week – Fun All Round

Zoo Trip

Our week started off with a visit to the zoo.  Being a grading day, there was no school for both Kezia and Tirzah on Monday, October 16.  So, together with their cousins, who are home-educated, and their aunt, we all set off for the zoo for a fun afternoon.  It was a lovely sunny day but quite chilly, but just being out of the house for a few precious hours was rejuvenating for all.  My kids and their cousins enjoyed just being together.

‘V’, Azkarah and Tirzah

Tirzah Posing for the Camera


Tirzah’s Accomplishments

In Sheffield, Tirzah attended a Special Needs Integrated Resource Unit, which was within the mainstream school she attended.  The classroom was created to be a fun and cheery environment for all the kids with varying degrees of special needs.  The difference between school in Sheffield and how it has been here so far is quite big.  Over here, in addition to a class teacher, every special needs child in the Multiple-Disciplinary classroom  has a Para-Professional teacher, who is with that child whenever the child is not with the Multi-Disciplinary Teacher.  In England, the closest definition to a Para, for short, is a Teaching Assistant; however, over here a Para is trained to be with a special needs child, whereas in most cases Teaching Assistants aren’t.

Anyhow, all that aside, since attending school here in the U.S., we have seen much improvement with Tirzah’s learning.  The educational teaching is more fine-tuned over here than it was in the U.K.  She has daily one-on-one sessions with her Multiple-Disciplinary teacher where she’s learning to draw shapes, recognise words with ‘oa‘ in them, spell her name by placing the letters of her name in order, learning about the ‘wh‘ question words such as ‘Why‘, ‘Where‘, ‘What‘, ‘When‘, etc.

I had ordered a printing book for Azkarah to practice writing letters but realised it would be more appropriate for Tirzah at some point, so mid-week I got Tirzah to practice writing out the letter ‘A’.  I had to hold her hand steady, of course.  She went on to colour in with pencil the big letter ‘A’.  I was so impressed with her work that I filmed her.  I’ll try and upload the video as soon as I can.

A Precious Gift

So, a few days ago marked our 6th month anniversary in the U.S.  I posted about that here.  The changes that we have all had to undergo have been monumental, but I will leave that for another more detailed post.  On a lighter note, to help me feel more at home, my beloved husband went out and bought me a special gift, which really did put a smile on my face, and given the size of the gift, it’s so perfect for me 🙂 .

The Perfect Gift

Fall Production

I think the highlight for this week was going to the opening night of Kezia’s school’s Fall Production on Peter Pan.  Kezia had auditioned for a minor role as she hadn’t felt confident enough to audition for a bigger role.  She was part of the Pirate ensemble, and you should have heard her day in, day out practising her songs.  My daughter really has a sweet, melodious voice.  In the past you wouldn’t catch her singing out aloud, but for the past several weeks she sang her lines out loud for all to hear without feeling shy about it.  She would sing to Azkarah until Azkarah was singing along with her, with both girls singing and laughing, and enjoying each other’s company.  Since going to school, Kezia hasn’t had much time to hang out with Azkarah, what with volleyball practice and more recently Fall Pro rehearsals after school, coming home most days around 7pm.  So to hear them singing together, and to see them hanging out together whiles Kezia practised her song lines really warmed my heart.

Pirate Ensemble


Opening night, on Thursday, October 19, saw several of us (family and friends) in attendance at the Peter Pan Production.  I tried to film a couple scenes but the videos turned out too blurry to share with  you, but I did manage to get some really good pictures, as shown.  See if you can spot Kezia! 🙂



Can you spot Kezia?


The cast put on a superb show with really good acting all round. It was a fun, enjoyable night out.





Flexible Tirzah

Our week ended with Tirzah showing how flexible she is.  It runs in the family, you know, well, most definitely on Mark’s side of the family.  There are gymnasts and it seems that Tirzah has the potential to follow in the footsteps of those gone before.  I have to laugh at the things that Tirzah says and does.  She really cracks us up with laughter more often than not.  Did you know that her name, Tirzah, means ‘delightful‘?  And that she is, most delightful! 🙂

To end, I have to share something that Tirzah did this evening.  I stubbed my right little toe on a dining room chair as I walked past.  Of course it hurt like crazy, so of course I yelped in pain, as I bent over to console my little member.  Tirzah asked what the matter was.  Mark replied that “mummy had accidentally kicked the chair and hurt her toe.”  So, what does my precious Tirzah do?  She gets up from the sofa and walks to the offending chair and kicks it, then cries out in ‘fake’ (I hope) pain, as she limps back to the sofa.  She sits on the sofa holding her big toe and says “I hurt my toe.  I need a bandage.”  Mummy’s little toe is all forgotten because Tirzah ‘hurt her big toe kicking the chair.’  My girl cracks me up.

Goodnight!  🙂


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