Geography – A Child’s Introduction to the World

Whiles Kezia is home watching Nature’s Great Events, Azkarah is at Science club.  Her Mondays have filled up – Science, from 9:30am-11:30am at Discovery Science then Drama, from 1pm-2pm.  Aside from the few Science experiments that Azkarah watched Kezia carry out with assistance from daddy and/or mummy, this is her first proper exposure to Science.  Discovery Science offers hands-on Science to the Home-ed community in Sheffield in 5-6 week block sessions, giving children a chance to experience Science live, as opposed to mere or only book knowledge.  As Azkarah is a visual learner for the most part, I felt that these sessions would be of interest and benefit to her, and I was right.  She’s loving them.  I’ll devote a post to her science sessions and upload photos of her ‘projects’.

After Drama, Azkarah usually hangs out with her friends at a library local to the venue where Drama takes place or goes over to a friend’s home for the rest of the afternoon.

My title post, ‘A Child’s Introduction to the World‘, is the title of a Geography book that Azkarah and I are going through, with Kezia occasionally joining us.  I think my title post is quite applicable to home-education.  Home-educated children tend to be more in tune with the world surrounding them than most system-schooled kids. By being exposed to an education that is diverse and ever changing, our children are constantly learning, constantly trying out new things, engaging in diverse activities and growing in ways that never cease to amaze me.

In ‘A Child’s Introduction to the World’, we’ve learnt about our universe, earth, the planets, latitude and longitude, and will continue to learn more new things in the days, weeks ahead.  And, to make our read-aloud moments more precious and enjoyable I found some really cool videos on YouTube for us to watch, which made learning such otherwise tough topics more fun especially for Azkarah and for me too, who found Geography a dry, boring subject at school but that may have been down to how it was presented and the teacher who taught it.  I’m glad to revisit this subject again in a way that is way more appealing than from my school days.


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  1. Hello AB! It has been a while,since we last met. Thank you for the great information. I have watched one videos you referred to in your post with my son.He loved it. Will watch the rest with him too.
    Have a blessed week!
    Angeley Manuel

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