Reflections on 2013

2013 was an eventful year in many respects and on many different levels – physical, spiritual, emotional and mental.  Due to Tirzah’s on-going sleep issues with several months of interrupted sleep, Mark and I inevitably began to suffer from the effects of sleep deprivation, which had a huge impact on our home-education with regards to having a set routine each day.  After months and months of little to no sleep, I withdrew into my own little world pursuing mind-numbing interests that didn’t require much effort or intellectual input and left the children to do pretty much whatever they wanted.  Well, not really but close enough!  Of course, the guilt set in but in spite of how I felt I discovered that the art of learning had not lost its hold on my children.  On the contrary, Kezia and Azkarah became immersed in subject matters with an educational flavour to them.  Kezia developed an interest in horses and with the books to hand and more that we purchased, both non-fictional and fictional, she learned more about horses than I  probably ever will.  She now knows about the different kinds of horses and especially about the types of horses used at horse-riding competitions.  All she has learned and continues to learn has been entirely out from her own interest in this subject matter and has had none of my input.  What do I know about horses?  Nothing, except that they have a mane and a long tail and come in different colours ;).  Kezia also spent  a lot of time creating, writing, directing and producing her own plays that she and her sister would act out, and occasionally with her friends who visited.  Despite minimal educational input from me over the course of the year, I was so encouraged to see my girls thriving in their self-motivated and self-directed learning.  This underscores for me the merits and benefits of home-education. It truly is a living and a lifestyle!

2013 ended with an extended trip to the US, a trip which proved to be healing and fulfilling for me on all levels – physical, spiritual, emotional and mental.  The children and I spent a total of 6 weeks in the US visiting and spending time with Mark’s family (parents and siblings with their spouses and children) with Mark joining us half-way through our trip, and with all of us returning together in the new year.  Kezia, Azkarah and Tirzah had a wonderful time getting reacquainted with their cousins, some of whom they hadn’t seen in 5 years, and others who had been born following our last US 2008 trip.  It was a wonderful time for both adults and children – a time of re-connecting, playing games, watching movies, fellowshipping, praying, being knit together, singing, eating and just hanging out.

Pictures to follow…

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