Sooo, yesterday we ‘missed’ two lessons – Character Study and Nature Study.  No big deal, right?  I mean, after all, we’re not running an educational race, we’ve no deadlines to meet, no boxes to tick, no catching up to do so if we miss a lesson it shouldn’t matter, should it?  Well, it did matter.  It mattered A LOT to Kezia.  Now that I’ve made a ‘schedule’ of sorts, which is really merely to act as an overview of all the lessons we need to cover and to help me know what I’m doing and need to teach, Kezia is more interested in what she’s learning and wants to know what we’re doing each day.  So, of course, noticing that we missed two lessons yesterday, she suggested we get into those lessons first, before tackling the lessons that were scheduled for today.  I tried to explain to her that it wasn’t absolutely necessary that we do them first thing this morning, but I could tell that she was really keen to read the next chapter in the Character book, A Child’s Book of Character Building, Book 1.  I acquiesced and we read about the next character trait, Creative, and read some portions from the Bible that showed how creative our God is, which is clearly seen in His creation of the universe and of all the living creatures, including man.

We then covered Lesson 4 from 106 Days of Creation Studies.  Lessons 4 to 8 cover in detail what God created on day one.  I must insert here that this Nature Study book we’re using, on the one hand, presents to the young student clearly that this earth, and indeed the entire universe, was created by God and it’s wonderful to get into the verses, not only from Genesis but also from other portions of the Bible; on the other hand, this is a scientific study of all the elements that came into being through God’s creation.   So, the lessons now go deeper.  In lesson one we were given an overview of God’s creation but from lesson 4 onwards, we’re embarking on a journey of studying in-depth all the various aspects of God’s creation.  So, today’s lesson covered the matter of  ‘Light’.  There were some verses to read and we talked about the different kinds of lights and I gave some examples of light – for instance, I lit a candle, switched on a torch (flash) light.  What I love about this nature book, and indeed most of the books we’re using, is that it instils in the learner a love and appreciation not just for nature but for the God and Creator of nature, and the goal is not that the learner would be in awe of the elements but that s/he would be in awe of the One who created and brought into being all the elements, all the living organisms, etc.

After that enlightening lesson we carried on with the rest of the  lessons for today, with Kezia ensuring that we did everything including a piano lesson!  Attagirl!

*For non-English readers, ‘Attagirl‘ comes from the expression “that’s a good girl” and is an informal expression of encouragement or admiration to a girl.

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2 Responses to Attagirl!

  1. Shirley says:

    Lovely to find your blog! We are a Christian home educating family in Chesterfield! Not far away. We have used a Charlotte Mason approach for many years but have just switched to A.C.E, although I do add a bit of a Charlotte Mason to it – hard to let it go! Your last paragraph in your ‘Why we home educate’ page really excited me as our reason for home educating is the same. We seek to raise Kingdom children and live in obedience to God’s call to as as parents to raise Godly children. We are originally from South Africa where most home educators were doing so because of a firm conviction. Since coming to England we have sadly found things very different. For us we came from a position of support and fellowship to what feels like isolation.
    Anyhoo, just wanted to say hi. I blog over at Under An English Sky –

    Blessings in Christ,

  2. bdl913 says:

    How wonderful to have such a self motivated girl! If you can find the documentary called “The Privileged Planet” it is very worthwhile watching.

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