Yet Another Day

Our morning started with a home-visit from Cathy, Tirzh’s Early Years Development Worker, who usually visits on a fortnightly basis and, who spends about 30 minutes each visit to introduce toys to Tirzah that aid in her development in areas such as hand-eye coordination, hand-to-hand coordination, communication and listening skills, etc.

Although initially believing today to be Saturday and coming downstairs in her pyjamas 😉 , Kezia started on some Maths while Cathy spent time with Tirzah.  Today, I allowed Azkarah some video time and she watched a few episodes of the Berenstain Bears.  After Cathy’s departure, and after Kezia had completed her Maths lesson, we read through 2 pages from her English Grammar book, First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind, Level 1.  Following that, we reviewed the first chapter of the book Hidden Pearls: Great Hymns of Faith and their Inspiring Untold Stories that we had already covered in October last year.  In the first chapter we were introduced to Elizabeth Rundle Charles (1828 – 1896), who wrote the hymn Come and Rejoice with Me not long after her conversion to Christ.  This time Kezia didn’t want us to read through the hymn but to sing along with the accompanying CD, which we did.  That was a sweet and enjoyable moment!

We ended our formal lessons for the day, and indeed for the week, with a History lesson on the Ancient Egyptians reading a chapter from Oxford First Ancient History.

This past week has been the best week in a very long time, in terms of being focussed and actually covering a lot of ground in all the different subjects.  It has been enjoyable and highly rewarding.  All thanks goes to the Lord for making it possible for me to have this structured time with Kezia, and indeed with all three girls.  Tirzah has been most accommodating and as she has been sleeping through the night that may account for her pleasant disposition most of the week 😉

With all that we have done this week, I can happily say that I do not wish to create a schedule (or lesson plan, for want of a better word) after all; rather, I plan to jot down all the lessons covered this week, and then use that as a guideline of what subject matter to cover from now on.  What we want in our household is a healthy routine of doing stuff, not a schedule that causes us anxiety when we don’t adhere to some part or all of it.

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One Response to Yet Another Day

  1. Angeley Manuel says:

    Hi Judith,  Happy New Year to you and your family!!!! The LORD bless you and keep you now and always, amen!!!! thanks a lot for the blog posts,I really enjoy reading them.  We are fine. Keep the posts coming!Regards to everyone. Hugs, Angeley


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