In A Nutshell

Little by little, moment by moment, day by day everything is slowly shifting into place and fitting together.  Today much ground was covered, and again, I am thankful to the Lord for His ever present care, guidance and wisdom.  What would I do without Him?

I was a bit slow getting ready for my day so Kezia started her lessons without me. Way to go, girl!  😉 She continued working on her Maths lessons.  She has covered so much in just 3 days – totally amazing!!  After nine pages of Maths, we proceeded on to a Grammar lesson, and then I pulled out the book, The Story of the Orchestra by Robert Levine, which comes with a CD.  This book is a fun and exciting musical journey for children to learn about the different musical eras (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Modern) and their composers.  Today’s reading covered the Baroque period, and we read about two composers within that period – Vivaldi and Bach.  Did you know that Bach didn’t become famous until almost a hundred years after his death?  Did you also know that Bach had 21 children, which accounted for his lack of fame, as musicians and composers in those days had to travel if they wanted to be known?  He obviously had his hands full and missed out on travelling! 😉  Alongside to our reading, we also listened to half of a musical piece by each composer.  What a way to be introduced to the compositions of Vivaldi and Bach?  Kezia enjoyed that very much.

After lunch, Kezia practised her typing skills at   It’s a fun and interactive site for children to learn typing.  Before going off to play, Kezia and Azkarah watched two 10-minute videos from the Knowitall website –  The videos present children with interesting facts.  They’re what I would call a video diary of science and technology.  Today they watched how a tennis ball is made and the journey of rubbish (trash) from a home to the dump.

That was our day of learning in a nutshell, but remember learning never ends – our children are always learning except when they are asleep although I believe they’re learning even then ‘cos the things they dream about makes you wonder sometimes! 😉

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