Another Enjoyable Day of Learning

It’s wonderful when we give the Lord the opportunity and the way to plan and arrange our lives.  He really takes care of everything and everyone, if we would but let Him.

Today (Tuesday, 8 January), we covered more ground – Kezia started off her morning with 45 minutes of Maths (I set the timer to go off).  She simply plodded on – no grumblings, no complaining as to why she had to work on Grade 1 Maths and not Grade 3 – with a cheerful countenance. Following Maths, she continued in her book, Theory Made Easy for Little Children, Level 1, without me even prompting her.  Whiles she worked independently, Azkarah and I covered part of Lesson Two from Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons .  Today Azkarah was not as keen and interested in learning her letters and although I was firm about us going through the first part of the second lesson,  I didn’t insist too much as my goal is not to get Azkarah to read but to instill and develop in her a love for learning for everything be it reading, exploring, discovering, etc.  So, I read her a book instead – My First Animal Questions and Answers (I bought this at TK Maxx for £3.99 but it’s selling on Amazon for £12.74 – that’s a whopping difference!).  We read about dogs.  I learned something too! 😉  There are many dogs – Golden Retrievers, Labradors, Alsatian, Huskies (the strongest dogs, that can withstand the cold), Sausage Dog (this dog really looks like a sausage), to name a few.  We learned that dogs are generally loyal animals and express their happiness through barking, jumping and licking.  We humans sweat when we’re hot; did you know dogs pant when they’re hot?  Azkarah was content to sit on my lap and listen to me read.  I read for about 20 minutes and then she was free to do whatever fancied her.

The last lesson Kezia and I covered today was Lesson 1 from 106 Days of Creation Studies. I love this book!  Why is it called ‘106 Days of Creation Studies‘?  Well, the author, a homeschooling mom herself, has gone into detail to show that God’s creation is not merely as we know it (His creation of light & darkness, day & night, stars, plants, birds, animals, human beings) but covers every scientific matter in the universe.  Lessons 1-3 give us an overview of creation, then from Lesson 4 onwards the author goes into more detail so, for instance, Lesson 4 covers Light, Lessons 5 and 6 cover Shadows, Lesson 7 covers Reflections and Refractions, Lesson 8 is on Colour, and so on and so forth.  We don’t only read about God’s creation, but also learn to appreciate and develop a love for nature as well as learn the science behind God’s creation.  There are recommended books to get and videos to watch as well as experiments to carry out.

This was today’s lesson:  Read together Genesis 1. Stop after each day’s description and have the children draw what God made. They may draw on seven different sheets of paper to represent the seven days, or draw seven circles on one paper (one for each day), or whatever. Have children narrate the days of Creation by explaining their drawings.  Instead of drawing on seven sheets of paper, Kezia drew in a a notebook with blank pages.  We took turns to read a paragraph each from Genesis 1, and after each day of creation we would pause so that she could draw about that day’s creation.  We started a few minutes before lunch, and after lunch she went right back to it.  She is indeed a model student.  I enjoy teaching her and she enjoys being taught.  I can only thank the Lord.  I continue to trust Him for our daily homeschooling moments, and until I put together a schedule (which I may never do) I’m asking Him what lessons to cover with Kezia [and Azkarah] every day.

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