I am excited.  Very excited.  We officially begin a new era of home-learning on Monday, January 7, that is, if all goes according to plan and according to my hopes and prayers. After months and months of searching and looking for a good Maths curriculum I finally found exactly what I imagined a Maths curriculum should look like – simple to understand and therefore simple to teach.  Math Mammoth!  Yowee!! 😉

I now have all our subjects covered with good and sound learning material to hand.  With some subjects like Literacy, and Bible Study cum History and Geography we will simply carry on from where we left off.  With this new Maths curriculum, my children are provided with a complete curriculum that covers every nook and cranny of Maths.  This curriculum was put together by a home-schooling mom who earned a Masters degree in Maths (you can read about her here).   I am looking forward to getting into the lessons. We’re not in a race against time, so there’s no rush and there are no deadlines to meet.  We will work according to the pace of life! 🙂

My plan and desire is to dedicate our mornings to a somewhat structured approach, and although I plan to put together a weekly schedule for both Kezia and Azkarah it will in no way be a strict schedule that must be adhered to at all cost.  Practically speaking, it wouldn’t work in our household, not with our youngest special needs child who has frequent medical appointments not to mention unexpected hospital visits, etc….so adhering to a strict schedule would only bring in unnecessary stress, overwhelming feelings of condemnation, guilt and the awful feeling that my children are not being provided with a well-rounded education (btw, what is a well-rounded education?).  Our schedule will be divided into three sections (morning, afternoon, evening) over five days.

Starting Monday, not only will I be sitting down with Kezia, but this time Azkarah will be joining in too.  Whiles Kezia works independently, Azkarah will begin short 20-minute lessons on learning letter recognition, phonics, counting….basic stuff.  For Literacy, we will be using a book that was recommended by a home-schooling mom of 15 children, yes, 15 children – now talk about experience (if you have a moment, check out her blog here).  The book is titled, ‘Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons‘.  Both Mark and I have covered the 1st lesson with Azkarah on two separate occasions and it’s wonderful – it’s interactive, short, simple and enjoyable, just right for Azkarah’s short, sit-still attention span! 😉  Thank You, Lord!  Trusting the Lord for our day-to-day living really helps to ease what could be an anxiety-filled life.

Unlike Kezia, who showed an early interest in letter/word recognition, Azkarah, up until a couple months before her 5th birthday, had shown little to no interest in learning to read or write.  We decided not to push her but to wait until she was ready.  That’s what I love about home-schooling – being flexible enough to wait for a child to show an interest in something as opposed to rigorously following a strict timed-schedule to coerce a child to learn something that they’re either not ready to learn or have no interest in learning.  The former approach decreases stress levels, and creates an environment that is conducive to learning, an environment that encourages learning all the time, not just at prescribed times during the day.  I love, love, love home-schooling! 🙂  I’m hoping to be more faithful with blogging so you can all participate in our home-educating journey.

I am raring to go!

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