Pressing on!

It’s now or never….the need to blog is intense, the time to blog, though, is rather elusive.  Time is flying – it’s already the second day of January 2013, almost the third as I sit and type so late into the night! 😉

Today was Kezia’s 9th birth day!  She’s blossoming into a beautiful young lady.  We had planned to drive to the Peak District and go hiking but, unfortunately, the weather wasn’t the best for walking outdoors with three young children, the youngest of whom has a rather chesty cough.  Another plan was to go to a local museum – the Fire and Police Museum – but we all seemed rather reluctant to  venture outdoors today.  So, we pottered around indoors, and after our family brunch, Kezia decided that she wanted to make a treasure chest for her best friend, R.  She painted an old and empty, cardboard egg carton, the first layer in red and yellow, then carefully painted on a couple animals.  I believe her project is unfinished and is to be continued tomorrow.

Yesterday, inspired by the sole male member of our household, we went on a nature walk.  It was most enjoyable.  We ended our walk with a pre-birthday meal for Kezia at a newly opened, local Mexican restaurant.  Family outings, and shared family moments are fun!  Hopefully, there will be more of such moments this year.


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