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Learning Kezia’s Way  Sooo, yesterday we ‘missed’ two lessons – Character Study and Nature Study.  No big deal, right?  I mean, after all, we’re not running an educational race, we’ve no deadlines to meet, no boxes to tick, no catching … Continue reading

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So, here’s what our weekly routine looks like [see below].  Since this is not a schedule, I get to tweak it and make allowances for what life throws our way, so for instance, we missed out on a lesson on … Continue reading

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Yet Another Day

Our morning started with a home-visit from Cathy, Tirzh’s Early Years Development Worker, who usually visits on a fortnightly basis.  She spends about 30 minutes each visit to introduce toys to Tirzah that aid in her development in areas such … Continue reading

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Still More Learning

Science, Poetry and Art Study After Tirzah’s Occupational Therapist’s home visit this morning, Kezia and I forged ahead in our wonderful world of learning.  We continued with Lesson Two from 106 Days of Creation Studies, then read a selection of … Continue reading

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In A Nutshell

Little by little, moment by moment, day by day everything is slowly shifting into place and fitting together.  Today much ground was covered, and again, I am thankful to the Lord for His ever present care, guidance and wisdom.  What … Continue reading

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Another Enjoyable Day of Learning

It’s wonderful when we give the Lord the opportunity and the way to plan and arrange our lives.  He really takes care of everything and everyone, if we would but let Him. Today (Tuesday, 8 January), we covered more ground … Continue reading

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A Wonderful Start

What a wonderful start to our first day back in our cozy home-school corner!  I kept committing the day into the Lord’s hands, asking Him to create an environment that would be conducive to my girls’ learning.  He is so … Continue reading

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Swim Gala

Today (6 January) was an immensely busy day!  We left home early to make our way to Ponds Forge, an international swimming [and diving] pool here in Sheffield, where Kezia was to participate in a Swim Gala. Mark had registered … Continue reading

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I am excited.  Very excited.  We officially begin a new era of home-learning on Monday, January 7, that is, if all goes according to plan and according to my hopes and prayers. After months and months of searching and looking … Continue reading

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Pressing on!

It’s now or never….the need to blog is intense, the time to blog, though, is rather elusive.  Time is flying – it’s already the second day of January 2013, almost the third as I sit and type so late into … Continue reading

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