Off to Coventry

We’re off to Coventry tomorrow morning to spend a week there with Aliki and her family.  Yay!  You remember Aliki, right?  I mentioned her on my page “Our Approach“.  What?!  You haven’t read that page?  It is vital that you know and realise that if it hadn’t been for Aliki we wouldn’t be on this CM journey!  I had never heard of Charlotte Mason, much less the Charlotte Mason Method (remember, with us it’s an approach not a method), and if Aliki hadn’t decided, together with her husband after much prayer, that she wanted to home-school her kids, and withdraw them from school…..well, if she hadn’t made that vital decision, she wouldn’t have searched the internet high and low to find what home-schooling approach would work for her and her kids.  I had already been down that road, you see, so I wasn’t looking for another approach although I was completely dissatisfied with our then approach to learning…but you can read all that by clicking on the tabs above.

So, thanks to Aliki (but most of all to the Lord for answering prayers) we’re on this wonderful journey of learning in a living, organic and fulfilling way, and since we’re both using more or less the same educational material on offer, we felt that it would be good to have monthly visits to give our children the chance and the opportunity to learn and play together.  We alternate our visits, so this month it’s our turn to travel to Coventry.  Next month (November), Aliki and her two children will come to our home for some days.  This visit we will play things by ear, and have not pre-planned any specific activities or home-school sessions (I do plan to cover some material one-on-one with Kezia, though) and I hope to share about all the things we’re doing.  And, also hoping to upload some pictures.

So, Aliki et al, here we come! 🙂

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