Spider on the Window

Spider on the window?  Yes, spider on the window, but, alas, the spider is no more.  Dear reader, let me tell you about the spider on the window.  This was a special spider….well, that is, until our household noticed its presence on the outside of our kitchen window a couple weeks ago.  But let me be very clear- I DO NOT like spiders.  No, not at all.  I don’t mind the small ones, or the ones that decide to perch outside our kitchen window.  But there are the other more long-legged ones that I absolutely cannot tolerate, and every now and then we’ll (mostly I!) find them in the kitchen sink, bath tub, or scampering down the stairs, or peeking out from behind some furniture, or scuttling across the kitchen floor….ugh!  But, this spider is, er, was different.  Once we became aware of its presence we were always on the look out for it.  Azkarah even gave it a name, which made the spider feel like a part of the family and she determined that the spider must be female and that its name was Ringbell 🙂

So, Ringbell, perched on the web she had spun on the outside of our kitchen window, lived her spider life.  She didn’t seem to do much more than do nothing at all – she hardly ever moved about or twitched her body.  She didn’t seem to catch much food either, although we once did notice some morsel of something she had caught or that had become trapped in her web, that she seemed to nibble on every now and then, but that’s only our guess, as we really couldn’t see the detail of Ringbell‘s world from the inside of the kitchen and she was too high up on the window on the outside for us to peek at her more closely without a ladder (which we don’t have).

Then, one day, on a rainy day, I noticed another bigger, red spider.  And, it was ‘munching’ away on Ringbell‘s morsel of food, making itself at home like it owned the whole kitchen window.  I was tempted to go outside and ‘shoo’ it away.  “How dare you?”, I thought.  “You scavenger, you thief!  How dare you invade Ringbell‘s personal domain, and the cheek of it – nibbling on food that isn’t yours!”.  Ringbell was perched higher up than the red spider and didn’t seem bothered, or perhaps she hadn’t noticed the intruder.  I was all ready to defend Ringbell, but reminded myself not to interfere, and let nature takes it own natural course. Oh, so very difficult not to interfere!  Well, I was distracted for a few minutes then the next time I looked (and a dear friend was visiting at the time and got to witness this extraordinary event too!) our dear Ringbell and the red spider were engaged in warfare, legs flying all over the place.  What a sight!  I wished I could have caught that on video.  Eventually they broke apart, and Ringbell crawled away, and the red spider moved further away.  I really wonder if Ringbell suffered any injuries from that scuffle.  The next day we didn’t see Ringbell, and it appeared that the red spider had won, and taken over Ringbell‘s web, and her food, too!  But then, our little friend, re-appeared and then seemed to lose any interest in the world around her, then a few days later we noticed that she wasn’t moving, and eventually, she didn’t move for a couple days, until finally she disappeared off the window altogether.

I wonder if Ringbell was indeed female.  Perhaps, she was of the species where the female spiders die before they see their offspring born, or perhaps she was a young male spider that was fatally injured in the fight with the red spider.  We will never know but we’re happy to have been a ‘part’ of Ringbell‘s life, albeit a short life on our kitchen window!

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