Plodding on….

This past week I began adding more subjects to our ‘curriculum’ – for want of a better word.  I re-introduced Kezia (my oldest) to typing, and for now she’s practising online at BBC schools typing.   As with all other subjects, the recommendation is to keep lessons short and sweet, so I set a timer for 15 minutes after which time we went on to do something else.

I also introduced hymn study this past week, and the book we’re using is Hidden Pearls, which is a beautifully, illustrated book, which comes with a CD with music featuring the London Philharmonic Orchestra.  In our lesson on Wednesday morning, we learned who Elizabeth Rundle Charles (1828 – 1896) was and I read out aloud one of the hymns she had written, Come and Rejoice with Me, that is featured in the book, then put on the CD to listen to the hymn a couple of times, then sang it together.  I also read out a short but detailed story of her life, which is featured towards the end of the chapter covering this woman who was a poet, author, linguist, musician and painter.  Kezia was delighted to find out that she and Elizabeth Rundle Charles share the same birth date (January 2) and that like her, Elizabeth was home-schooled.

Being part-German I, of course, would like my kids to grow up speaking German but seeing that English is the predominant language in my life I find it rather difficult to pass on my rather rusty German,  which I consider rather limited, in terms of grammar and vocabulary.  However, I have been encouraged by a fellow CMer (a follower of the Charlotte Mason approach) to find a way to teach my kids German, so this past week we listened to a Kids’ German CD that ‘teaches’ basic things like the days of the week, the months of the year, etc in song.  Kezia loves it! It’s a start. 😉  We shall see how we progress with learning this language in the coming days, weeks, months, etc.

In terms of weather, it’s been lovely.  Although cool, the sun broke its fast of hiding behind rain clouds and came out this week in all of its glory, and so the girls were able to go out riding on their bikes, and were sometimes joined by T (who’s the same age as Kezia, a neighbour’s son), who lives a few houses down the road.  A friendship was formed a week or so before our summer trip away, and so now the girls are happy to have a playmate and a friend in their neighbourhood.

Last week was a good week.  Let’s see how this coming week pans out …. 😉

Guten Nacht!

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