Rock Hounding

Did you know that a person who collects rocks is called a “rock hound“?  I didn’t.  Not until I read the book, ‘Looking at Rocks‘ did I discover this extremely important profession.  And not until Kezia read the book did I discover that we have a budding ‘rock hound‘ (I’d much rather call a collector of rocks a ‘rock hounder’ – sounds more fun!) in our midst.

Why am I talking about the discovery of who ‘rock hounds‘ are?  Well, like I said on one of my pages, somewhere on this my blog, the whole point of blogging is to journal our daily, home-learning life so that precious moments are not lost.  Once such precious moment happened this past Tuesday (October 9, 2012).  I woke up – late – after another rough night to find Kezia already dressed and raring to go …..rock hounding (hmm, there’s the verb, so why not rock hounder as the noun?).  She’d read through the little book on rocks, and started gathering all the items she would need on her ‘rock hounding’ outing: long trousers with a long-sleeved T-shirt / boots or tough shoes / a hat / water in case of thirst 😉 /  a bag for rocks /paper to wrap around the rocks / adhesive tape – cellotape / scissors / a pencil /  and the book!.  She wanted to do it the proper way and was very serious about getting all the above together.  She asked when we could go out and I suggested after lunch, as I was raring to get on with some ‘school’ work!  Then, as I began preparing breakfast I thought, “Why not go after breakfast?  Should we wait till after lunch only to find that the weather has changed (very common here in Sheffield – starts out nice and sunny and before you know it, it’s cloudy and rainy!) and have to put up with a disappointed prospective ‘rock hounder‘ …ooops, ‘rock hound‘?  And, who says that we have to sit down and get to it this morning?  Be spontaneous!” So, we set off after breakfast, walking to our local playground, and all three girls had fun that day.  Kezia picked up a lot of ‘rocks’ (they weren’t all rocks but hey who am I to say that they aren’t?), Azkarah picked up some then lost interest and played on the swings for a bit.  Tirzah possibly had the most fun – she enjoyed being on the swing being pushed by her faithful slave, moi 😉

After a while we headed back home, and Kezia sat down to numerically label all her ‘rocks’ and then to compare each find with the rock picture I.D. chart to see if she could find a match.  Not so easy a task, especially with so many ‘rocks’ to label but she persevered and filled up the pages of her notebook with vital details.  I must find the time to scan her book and upload it on here – one day, one day.

So, all in all, that was a wonderful day.  We had a sit-down time later on in the day, and ended the day with a read-aloud from the book, Genesis: A Commentary for Children.

On, on we go!

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3 Responses to Rock Hounding

  1. Akos says:

    Hello AB: I find the narrative exciting and can just see Kezia a-rock-hounding! The girls are blessed to have you homeschooling them. While I don’t think I could have had the dedication and patience for this painstaking labour of love, I can rejoice and join you as the fruit of your labour is borne. God grant you many opportunities to stretch their active brains.

  2. jannelle00 says:

    Learning about Rock sounds like a good book! We are concentrating on world geography this year and exploring related topics. I am going to order Learning About Rocks! It sounds good! Thanks for sharing!

    • eph317us says:

      I think we’re going to be an encouragement to one another, well, I think you’re strong going to be an encouragement to me! What material are you using for World Geography? Since we’re new to the CM approach and are only about 4-6 weeks into it, I’m easing into the material on offer slowly. At the moment for Geography and History we using the book, “Genesis through Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt: A Family Study Handbook” and it’s a fantastic book. Every week there’s one lesson on Ancient History and Geography with recommended extra reading material related to each subject. Do you know about this book? It can be purchased from the Simply Charlotte Mason website.

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