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Off to Coventry

We’re off to Coventry tomorrow morning to spend a week there with Aliki and her family.  Yay!  I had never heard of Charlotte Mason, much less the Charlotte Mason Method (remember, with us it’s an approach not a method), so, … Continue reading

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Spider on the Window

Spider on the window?  Yes, spider on the window, but, alas, the spider is no more.  Dear reader, let me tell you about the spider on the window.  This was a special spider….well, that is, until our household noticed its … Continue reading

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Plodding on….

This past week I began adding more subjects to our ‘curriculum’ – for want of a better word.  I re-introduced Kezia (my oldest) to typing, and for now she’s practising online at BBC schools typing.   As with all other … Continue reading

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Rock Hounding

Did you know that a person who collects rocks is called a “rock hound“?  I didn’t.  Not until I read the book, ‘Looking at Rocks‘ did I discover this extremely important profession.  And not until Kezia read the book did … Continue reading

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An Uneventful Day

I spent most of today working on this blog and trying to get it up and running, and what a job it has been!  Trying to figure out how to create and edit my pages, posts, Blogroll, etc has been … Continue reading

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My First Blog Entry

I had hoped that our new approach to home-educating would coincide with blogging.  Alas, that was not to be.  Life gets in the way of ones best intentions and plans, and so almost a month after embarking on the CM … Continue reading

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